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The Research Center for Sustainable Processes and Procedures (fz npv) at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to the development, design, production and use of products that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.

From a technical perspective, the resources, processes and material flows used are considered along the entire value chain. At the same time, all technically and socially desirable and undesirable effects are analyzed on the four dimensions of sustainable development - ecology, social, economy and governance.

The aim is, to identify sustainable innovations in technical, organziational and social terms. [Poster]

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Stifterverband supports transformation lab: heat transition in Darmstadt's Johannes and Martinsviertel districts

How can the heating transition succeed in Wilhelminian-style districts such as Darmstadt's Johannes and Martinsviertel? Sustainability researchers at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) and stakeholders from the city and urban economy are…


Green Campus h_da (sustainability blog)

The buzzing of bees in your ears, passing colorful crocuses and beds of herbs and shrubs on your way to class. At Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da), the Green Office and Sustainability Management have been working on various (student)…


Neighborhood discussion "Heat transition in the Johannesviertel"

The team from the Innovation and Transformation Platform for Sustainable Development (itp:ne) led by Prof. Martin Führ and Dr. Silke Kleihauer joined forces with the City of Darmstadt's Office for Climate Protection and Adaptation to host a…


State government appoints Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sven Linow and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Iris Steinberg to scientific climate council

The Hessian state government has appointed a scientific climate council for the first time as a new advisory body for climate protection and adaptation. Five scientists are members of the new advisory board, including environmental engineer Prof.…


How would Darmstadt like to cycle? - New citizen panel survey launched

“(How) do you like cycling?”: This is what the citizens' panel team at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences would like to know from people in Darmstadt and the surrounding area...


Real-world laboratory for sustainable urban development

It's still just a vision and yet already worthy of an award: Hesse's Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir presented the “BAULAB” at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences with the 20,000 euro Future Prize of the Großer Frankfurter Bogen 2022 at the…


more than just a buzzword

The physicist and philosopher Jan Cornelius Schmidt on interdisciplinarity as the key to the pressing issues of our time.



Reinventing the wheel

The discussion about dependence on oil and gas from Russia makes it urgently clear that there is no alternative to the energy transition. Hydropower is an important building block in the sustainable energy mix of the future. There is still a lot of…


Optimized energy supply

Energy is more expensive than ever. As part of the energy transition, the expansion of renewable energies should not only contribute to climate protection, but also make us economically less dependent on fossil fuels. However, efforts to make optimum…


Modau river diary

The Modau, once the lifeline of the region, leads a hidden existence. Yet life flourishes along its course and there are people who are fully engaged with the river. A research team therefore followed the Modau for a year - for a multimedia, personal…


Sustainability & digitalization.

Online journalism students at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences will be reporting on sustainability and digitalization in the 2019/20 winter semester. Also on the basis of the public lecture series Sustainability and Digitization -…


Signposts (Video)

What will our future look like? This question concerns us all and at the same time it is as complex as the attempt to find answers to it. We asked people at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences what questions they are dealing with, what…


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